Visualizzazione dei post da dicembre 10, 2017


Love is a feverL'amore è una febbreAnd is burning me aliveE mi sta bruciando vivaIt can't be tamed or satisfiedNon può essere addomesticato o soddisfattoThere is no mercyNon c'è pietàFor the fallen or for the weakPer i caduti e per i deboliLove is a nasty word to speakAmore è una parola pericolosa da dire
I don't wanna love him anymoreNon voglio amarlo piùHe's nothing like the man I loved beforeNon è per niente come l'uomo che amavo primaBut the pain gets real comfortableMa il dolore diventa piacevole in realtàWhen it's all ya gotQuando è tutto quello che ti restaAshes and smoke they can't competeCeneri e fumo che non possono competereNot even hell can take the heatNemmeno l'inferno può raggiungere il caloreI be sliding off of my seatIo scivolerò della mia sediaFor his flamePer la sua fiamma
His love is like fire on the floorIl suo amore è come il fuoco sul pavimentoIt' got me running for the doorE mi ha fatto correre alla portaBut I'll be cra…


There must be lights burning brighter somewhere Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue If I can dream of a better land Where all my brothers walk hand in hand Tell me why, oh why, oh why can't my dream come true There must be peace and understanding sometime Strong winds of promise that will blow away All the doubt and fear If I can dream of a warmer sun Where hope keeps shining on everyone Tell me why, oh why, oh why won't that sun appear We're lost in a cloud With too much rain We're trapped in a world That's troubled with pain But as long as a man Has the strength to dream He can redeem his soul and fly Deep in my heart there's a trembling question Still I am sure that the answer gonna come somehow Out there in the dark, there's a beckoning candle And while I can think, while I can talk While I can stand, while I can walk While I can dream, please let my dream Come true, right now Let it come true right now Oh yeah
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